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Anita Miller offers a powerful Sales and Marketing training program to health clubs, weightloss centers, beauty spas, tanning businesses and other service businesses. Whether you are a start-up business or an experienced owner, you and your staff, will learn powerful communication and marketing techniques that will increase appointments, sales and profits. Anita Miller's Success-Full Marketing System was developed from over 30-years of marketing and consultative sales experience in many different industries.

Fast Fun Fitness, founded by Anita Miller, in 1997, has been in operation for over 18-years and has assisted owners of over 1500 clubs throughout the world. It Figures Fitness For Women, Figures Fitness for Women, ScrImage Fitness 4 Men, ScrImage Family Fitness are among some of the licensed health clubs utilizing our system of operating and fitness equipment.  

We have also assisted in helping many franchise companies establish their own brands such as Tonus for Men, LeFigures for Women, Figuras for Women, Quick Fit, New Dimensions for Women, Fit Express, Express Fitness, Expressway Fitness, Express Fit, Go Figure, Figure Express, Physical Fit, Fit Rose, and Qatar's Revamped Beauty, to name a few.
Our International markets include Canada, Columbia, Chile, Brazil, England, Spain, Ireland, France, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Poland, Brunei, China, Arabia, Qatar, Laos, Maylasia, Brunei and Thailand.

Author, Speaker, Performer, Celebrity Trainer
Donna Michaels-Surface



To date, over 1800 people from greatly diverse cultures, educational levels and career backgrounds have graduated from the Fast Fun Fitness Club Management program and the Hydraulic Exercise Instructor Certification Program. 

Donna Michaels-Surface, an ACSM Certified Fitness Specialist, Author, Nationally Ranked Body Builder, and Celebrity Trainer, raises the bar in the Health Club Industry with her training on the popular hydraulic exercise circuit equipment.

No other program in the industry compares in scope and technique. 



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